In Real Life
Interview by
Lee Klamer
In Real Life dreams can come true.
It happened to five incredibly talented singers
Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor,
Sergio Calderon Jr. and Brady Tutton.
They were the final five remaining contestants
on the ABC Reality show, Boy Band.  In Real
Life was formed and they signed a contract
Hollywood Records. The show gave them an
opportunity to showcase their individual
talents to the vast audience but their
experiences on Boy Band vary. Sergio said,
"It was a very unique experience. It was also
a difficult process because of the
Chance reflected that, "It was a lot of fun but
obviously stressful because we were
competing every week. The whole process, in
general, amazing, we are all very grateful for
that cause of where we are right now. We
appreciate our families, fans and the
producers of the show."   Brady said, "It was
a lot more stressful for some people and I had
a really hard time. It was difficult but it made
me understand myself more and I'm happy
how life is going now!"  Fans are certainly
happy with the eclectic  talents of In Real Life
that gives them their unique sound. Brady said,
"What you hear in our music is a lot of variety
and that kind of matches up with the members
of the group, which are the coolest parts of
Their particular styles of music can be
attributed to what they grew up listening to
with their families.  Michael said, "The
environment we grew up in shaped our music."
"We were all influenced  at a very young age
and when the show came along we gave it a
shot." Chance said .  Brady chimed in "It's the
Tutton family business-kind of
unavoidable-I'm not saying that I didn't want to
do it-but here I am."  They also cite other
artists that inspired
them such as the legendary Michael Jackson,
Spanish singer, Prince Royce, Frank Ocean
among others
A favorite song of theirs is a split
It's between fan favorite Somebody like
You and their newest Top 40 Pop release,
Crazy AF. The band also thinks the yet
unreleased song and video She Do will be
a big hit. Mostly because of the response
it gets from fans at their show. Michael
said, " The response from them has been
really good and we're very excited about
it. We have a single dropping before
leading up to She Do."  " The day after we
recorded the music video for Crazy AF,
our most recent single, we recorded She
Do the very next day. " Chance said. The
song was also a collaboration with a
member of another boyband. Brady said ,
" Our fans said you should collab with
Pretty Much so Brandon wrote on the
song."  It's a varied process when writing
great songs for the band. They each
contribute in a different way. Writing
lyrics comes easier for some. Michael
said," I write down song titles all the
time."  Other members feel the music
first and write down cords and melody's.
Touring is a big part of their lives so  they
can perform live and meet their fans in
person. Drew said, "  I love touring and I
love to chill and make music in the studio.
But if I had to choose one I'd say tour.
There's something about being on the bus
and just traveling with your boys, getting
ready every night to perform and sing."
Michael said, "They are two separate
feelings. The feeling of making something
amazing and you're so proud of that, but
there's also that feeling of performing
and killing a show. Those two kind of go
hand in hand."  In Real Life has real
appreciation for their fan base.   "We are
most grateful to our fan base because we
are an up and coming band but the core
we have right now is really strong and
we're going to keep building on that."
said Michael. Sergio said, "It's crazy cool
that our fans ask for an X or a heart or
even a phrase and have it turned into a
tattoo."  They are very loyal fans who
even follow the band on some of their
tour or in other countries they follow
them on mall tours. Sergio also said,
"We are working hard and writing the
last seven songs for them."
Check them out on tour and make In Real
Life part of your life.
L to R: Sergio Calderon Jr., Brady Tutton,
Chance Perez, Michael Conor and Drew Ramos
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