What kind of eyelashes do you
have?  We have make-up tips
to make your eyes look fabulous
no matter what your eyelashes
look like.   If you have long lashes
use a curling mascara to help
curl them without having to use
an uncomfortable eyelash curler.
If your lashes are thin you could
benefit by using a thickening
mascara.  Short lashes need a
lengthening mascara.  Whether
you are going for the all-out
glamour girl or the wholesome
girl next door look, a coat or two
of mascara will bring out your
beautiful eyes and lashes.
Check mascaras to make sure
they are hypo-allergenic and be
very careful when applying.  
It is very easy to slip and get
mascara in your eye so try to be
very careful and with a steady
hand apply the mascara, slowly.
Mascaras are available in a huge
range of colors, like traditional
black, dark brown or even fun
colors like greens and even
different shades of blue.
Find the one to look best with
your complexion and you can
even match your favorite outfits
for that very fashionable look.  
Never go to bed without
removing all of your mascara.
It can flake off into your eyes
while you are sleeping.  Let's
face it no one wants to wake
up looking like a raccoon
first thing in the morning.  So
always use make-up remover.
Remember always let your
natural beauty shine through
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