Eline Powell Siren Interview
"This season starts off with a bang", Eline Powell, star of Siren says as she describes
Season 3. Siren will premiere on Freeform with a 2 hour event on April 2 at 9 pm.
Eline said, "Everything feels like it's on a much bigger level in terms of action.. Also,
the emotional journey that the characters are going through is quite intense in the
first two episode premiere. New characters will be introduced this season. The mermaid,
Tia, played by Tiffany Lonsdale will play a pivotal role throughout the season.
Eline said, "She is a mermaid on another level and she will be a challenge for Ryn
and the rest of Bristol Cove."  Tia is cool, resourceful,strategic and has a plan for
humanity. Ryn is mesmerized by this new ally or adversary. Eline loves the character
of Tia. "She's a worthy opponent. She is this advanced mermaid that speaks fluent
human, knows science and technology, very intelligent and also knows she needs
to impress Ryn from the start.", said Eline. "It's a massive season", she said.
Tia's presence in Bristol Cove is driving a wedge between the delicate balance of
humans and mermaids in this small town. Tia says she has a mission to save the
environment. She speaks eloquently and passionately about the environment
because she know she needs Ryn on her side.  Eline said, "She has this amazing
speech. What is humanity doing to the planet. I mean, she's got a point, you
can understand her perspective." The underlying current of the show has always
been to bring awareness to the environment especially our oceans. Eline, as well,
as her character Ryn cares very deeply about environmental issues. "The mermaids
live a natural and simple life and they are being eradicated by human civilization.",
said Eline.  Tia wants to wage war on anyone who opposes her. Ryn is forced to
choose sides when she finally realizes how cutthroat Tia's solution is.   Eline said,
"Ryn is quite literally in the middle. She sees her point of view but half of her heart
is on land. It will lead to very big confrontations. When people force the envelope,
so brutally, it's very hard to be in the middle. In those kind of situations you have
to pick a side. Even though the military is always present a situation like a
chess move will be made in the season. Eline talked about a moment  in the
2 hour premiere. She said, " Even though the military is there they get taken
down a notch."    With all the turmoil in this season could the birth of Ryn's baby
be a bridge between the humans and the mermaids. Eline said, "The baby story
line will evolve later this season. We've got some real hard hitting action moments
and some real adorable mer moments. It's just like life real and balanced."  Along
with the amazing CG work they also had a real baby on set. Eline said, " It warmed
my heart to have a baby on set."  I can see how Eline could be connected to a
little baby she is so sweet and friendly with a warm personality that puts people
at ease. Ryn's relationship with Ben and Maddie will go through some changes
this season.  The trio is going through some very big upheavals. How they really
feel about each other will be tested.  It's no longer a matter of love", she said.
Ryn is going through a lot of changes in her own life.  She said, "Ryn's growing
through her own emotional abilities."  Ben and Maddies relationship is changing
as well. When Maddie finds out about Bens'  actions from last season their
relationship is strained possibly to the breaking point. Eline said, "Ryn understands
why Ben did what he did but Maddie doesn't know that yet.  When she does find out
she has a very different opinion on how to handle it.  It's a very trying time for those
two and their relationship."  This season promises to be a great one. Eline said,
"It's a mixed bag of things, very emotional moments, scary things and also really
funny comedy bits.  I feel like this season we have a very good balance of romance
and action. All the points get hit."  Eline and the cast love their Siren fans. She
said, "We have the nicest fans they are nice to everyone. We have fans of all
ages who watch just because they love the mermaids and even name their
fish Ryn and Donna.
This season will definitely please their existing fans and sure to bring in new ones.
Don't miss the exciting premiere of Siren, April 2 at 9 pm on Freeform.
Interview by Lee Klamer
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