Alex Roe Siren Interview

Interview /Story                                                                                                                    
by Lee Klamer
Siren is one of Freeform's hot newer shows. I spoke with Alex Roe,
one of the stars of Siren.  Alex plays Ben Pownall, a marine
biologist who becomes thrust into one of Bristol Coves legends.
He is torn between his family and life before the discovery
of something rare and precious from the ocean, the mermaids.
Alex is very articulate and describes his character of Ben Pownall
as he progresses in Season 2.  Alex said, "Ben left Season 1 with
a lot to figure out and tries to come to terms with the potential
danger to the mermaids. With the Siren song in his head it does
warp his feeling for Ryn , his desire to protect her. He does believe
he's doing the right thing. He wants to defend creatures that can't
defend themselves." In describing his feelings of loyalty to his
family but also following his own beliefs, He said , Ben is "A
man who hates hypocrisy and isn't motivated by stature , he's
a man whose quite moral, centered and grounded."  He also said,
"Bens' family are like a different breed to him. He feels like the
Black Sheep of the family and in that separation his resolve is to
protect his new family even stronger."  Ben's relationships with
both Maddie and Ryn have changed this season. Maddie, his
girlfriend who he has known most of his life and shares a passion    
of the ocean with and Ryn, the unexpected Siren who he can't get    
out of  his mind. Alex said,"He discovers another species that
is vulnerable to humanities destructive nature and he has an
impulse to protect that species. He falls in love with one of these
creatures."  Alex further explains why Ben is drawn to Ryn.
He said, "She's so tough but so vulnerable at the same time, a
complete force of nature especially the ocean." Ben doesn't
know what his feelings for Maddie are. Alex said, "He struggles  
with being in love with his human partner.  It could be incredibly
complicated but with all the stuff that's going on trying to get
the mermaids back in the water, finding out what's going on
with his family and the effects of the Siren song." He added,
"But it ends up being a place of refuge for all of them.
Siren is a serious Sci-Fi show but that doesn't keep the cast
from having a little fun.  Alex said, "  We all get on pretty well
so there's always a lot of banter and jokes on set which is always
good to keep it light. It would be pretty bleak if all you had was
doom and gloom."  Season 2 does have it's own light moments
with the storyline and a difference within the characters , he said,
"What's interesting in Season 2 is there's been an added situational
humor. I think that adds little moments of levity  in an interesting
way. Like Ryn seeing land for the first time, finding her laugh
and lying for the first time. I really enjoyed seeing those moments
play out".  Some scenes from the show look formidable but
Alex actually does some of the stunts you see. He said, "The rock
climbing was me in Episode 1 .I did the rock climbing with
Will Stanhope , a professional rock climber, he taught me how
to crack climb." The show does quite a lot of underwater scenes
that requires the actors to participate. Alex said, " We go
underwater in Vancouver in winter. It's pretty cold! They make
a hot tub right next to the water for us. We jump in and pretty
much get straight back out."  He added, "The long scenes in
the water are shot in a tank". That's why they look so realistic.
Siren may have the mermaids as the main theme of the show
but there is an underlying current of reality that the writers
and producers are incorporating as well. The sonic cannons
blasting for oil in the Atlantic are causing problems in the ocean.
Alex spoke about the environmental issues and how he feels
about the show taking on this issue. He said, "As the series
started airing the news was reporting sonic cannons in the
Atlantic Ocean had caused whales and marine life that               
communicate via sonar causing them to wash up or get lost.
I think Sci Fi was such a cool way to raise awareness and also
to entertain at the same time. I'm very proud to be a part
of a show that does that." Alex also voiced, "Save the ocean
save the Mermaids." It's a win-win!
The Mermaids and their allies ban together in one brave move.
The Spring finale promises to be full of suspense and explosive
action and the perfect ending leaving you to anticipate what's
to come. Freeforms Siren is on Thursday at 8 and once you watch
you'll be hooked.
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