Alex Roe discusses
by Lee Klamer
Siren's explosive finale left fans anticipating  the second
half of season 2 and it won't disappoint. Speaking with
Alex Roe is always a pleasure. His enthusiasm for Siren,
the cast and crew and the environment is very refreshing.
Alex discusses this second part of Season 2 without
revealing too much just enough to entice the loyal fans
of the show. We all held our breath as the valiant efforts
by the mermaids and their human allies come together
in the winter finale. But as in all great battles sacrifices
must be made and treasured lives are lost. In this
premiere the mermaids are mourning a beloved character
Ben and Maddie have no idea of the consequences
their actions have caused. With the suspicious look that
Bens Dad gives him the oil company may soon find out
who was behind  the explosion and there will be reper-
cussions. But for now the mermaids are safe. Alex said,
"At the same time we have this looming thing with the
military, they're on our soil. I think everything is really being
set in place this season."  The existing relationships will
take on an even bigger role this season. Alex has great
respect for his co-star, Eline Powell. He said, "She
plays Ryn with such innocence when she is human on
land but plays an apex predator in the ocean.' The
mermaids as portrayed in Siren are incredibly smart
Alex, himself, is a fan of the show. He said, " It's easy
to think Ryn is being mislead ( by the Military) but I hope
she has something up her sleeve. We will find out!"
Ben and Maddie are still very protective of Ryn this
season. Could it be the effects of the Siren Song?  Alex
said, "It seems to me whatever the mermaid is feeling
at the time will change the effects of what the Siren Song
does. Ben and Maddie will either be affected the same
or differently." His character is having issues with how to
deal with how it affects him. Alex said, " if there's a cure
for it or a way to deal with it, Ben's trying to figure it out.
He doesn't want to be wallowing in self pity too long."
Ben's relationship with Ryn and their undercurrent of love
and protection they feel for each other is strong. He said,
"I think Ryn feels incredibly guilty for what the Siren Song
has done even though it's not really her fault. She might
even go to the end of the world to keep them safe. What's
so beautiful about all this is the undeniable connection
between them though often unable to explore it." Alex's
character Ben is especially hard hit with his feelings, He
said, "For Ben, Ryn is like his heart existing outside his
body. The love they have of each other will continue to
progress and they will go though hardships. It won't be
rainbows and sunshine for the whole season. I think there
are going to be decisions they both have to make mostly
for family.. How strong is their love? We'll find out."
The second half of this season is quite a bit
darker in tonality but Alex assures us that there
will still be some humor. He said, "The writers
do a great job with the level of humor and the
level of darkness. Even though the last episode
was explosive you have Ryn saying green
means go, what is green? That humor will exist
throughout this season." Their characters are
dealing with a lot this season. Alex said, "It is
so serious we're dealing with life and death and
being on the run. The military involvement in
the mermaids lives is intense and having humor
float through is really great."  The mermaids
world will be explored this second half and Alex
said that the artwork is amazing.  He said, " We
are really lucky to have the people create CGI
and these underwater worlds. Mermaid world is
pretty deep down there. It's going to be a pretty
dangerous expedition. I think the undertone to
exploring this realm is going to be incredibly
dangerous for Ben and Maddie."  Alex hopes
that the fans of Siren will be pleased with the
season. He said, " I can't wait to see their
reactions! We are so grateful to the fans! It
has changed our lives. We all work hard, I
promise, it's not a walk in the park." Alex
has very loyal fans and his relationship with
them is strong. He said, " I never felt like so
much the rock star cause fans followed me and
wanted my autograph. It was a pretty cool
experience."  Siren fans will also experience
amazing story lines this season.
The mermaid world is waiting. Dive In!
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